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   Style, sophistication, grace, and poise, accented with an unparalleled swagger are the characteristics that define this diva. Poised to join the ranks of other one name super stars, Katherine Braxton is now simply known as "KAT". No formal introduction needed. 


    Having the early stages of her modeling career guided by notable talent agent and former model, Mr. Leonard E. Pegues, proved to be the molding of greatness. Still in the prime of her youth Kat is already a seasoned professional. A reputable runway coach, known for her ferocious strut, she is no doubt a major force to be reckoned with. With well over 8 years of experience in genres to include runway, print, commercial, promotional, and spokes modeling underneath her stilettos, she has distinguished herself as one of the industry’s elite. Building a reputation that leaves a dazzling track record and an extensive resume, listing names such Catherine's and Lane Bryant. She has graced the pages of numerous publications, (Mahogany and Grace Magazine) just to name a few, and has become a permanent fixture on runways throughout the region. “I love runway. It gives me such a rise, an adrenaline rush of sorts. That’s where unleash the beast, and The Lioness” emerges from her den poised to attack."            


       Although a true “fashionista”, Kat is not limited to a career in modeling. She is a true multi-threat; credited as a theater performer, vocalist, and published writer. Taking the stage for the first time at the tender age of 4, her infectious personality as an actress, and melodic vocal ability were undeniable. "Above all else I'm a performer. I'm going to entertain you at all cost. Rather its runway, acting or singing. Performing is my self-expression, my release therapy." says Kat. I’ve enjoyed the success I have had in this industry but the best is yet to come…I’m not done yet!” A model and entertainer that believes in constant growth and reinvention, Kat’s career aspirations don’t climax at the end of the runway or the final curtain call on the stage. She poised to become brand, that will single handedly redefine what success is.


     With the each year comes new career goals and personal evolution. Using her knowledge of the industry, sheer determination, and vision, Kat is now ready to tap into her entrepreneur abilities. Stepping away from in front of the lens, she is now looking to dominate in other areas within the industry. With a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and Marketing, Kat is armed with massive credentials to build a global brand. "My goal is to take the KLB brand international. My firm will be providing competitive, professional services in everything from product and brand marketing, to event planning, to television production and image consulting. I am looking to dominate in every way possible," Says this mogul in the making. 


     Kat is also focusing on allowing her experience and knowledge of the industry to be beneficial for the development of new talent. Though she is remaining tight lipped about details of many of her future ventures, she does say... "My whole career has been fueled by me believing that I have a higher purpose. I can obtain all the fame and notoriety in the world, but if I fail to inspire and make a difference in at least one life then all my works are in vein." With that being said there is no doubt that Kat will continue to make strides towards becoming one of the industries greatest success stories








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