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Beauty Brief: Define the Line

Posted by katbraxton on May 9, 2014 at 1:05 PM

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From the mid 90s to the early 20s, one of the most popular urban trends was the dreaded dark brown or black lip liner paired with clear gloss. This fad was a prime example of a trend gone terribly wrong! Much to my dismay, I find that many women have continued to display this “makeup don’t” seventeen years later in the year 2014.

While a lip liner may seem like a minor cosmetic product, one must be mindful that next to mascara, lip liner is the one product that when applied incorrectly can create a very unnatural and unflattering appearance. Dark, overdrawn liner can quickly cheapen your look; oppositely, a subtle liner defines the lip in a more natural sense. When applied correctly the lips appear fuller, younger, and more defined. Lip liner is designed to give glosses and lipsticks something to adhere to, thus increasing wear time and preventing color from bleeding.

It is important to remember a few critical guidelines when applying a liner:

There should never be a time when the liner is darker the shade or hue of your gloss/lipstick

While I would love to be politically correct and tell you that individuality should be applauded, in this case it just makes you stick out like a sore thumb. I cannot express how unsightly a dark brown, thickly drawn liner/frosty lip color can be. The contrast is simply an atrocity to behold. This is equally true for a dark liner and clear gloss. Always ensure that your liner is either one shade darker than your natural lip color if you are going with a clear gloss. If you are applying a lip color, the liner will need to be either one shade lighter or one shade darker, depending on the contrast you are seeking

Do not overdraw your line

Thou shall not liken the lining of the lips to the act of tracing lines in a coloring book. LESS IS MORE!…Can you hear me now? We want to enhance, not exaggerate. Keep it soft ladies. Many often go wrong with the utilization of sharpened liners (pointed tips). A blunt or rounded tip works better, when trying to achieve a natural yet defined trace around the lip. For those of you like me who prefer to embrace the natural shape of your lips, cosmetic companies have introduced anti-liners. These products perform the same as standard liners when it comes to the adherence of lip color (preventing bleeding), but eliminates the border effect you get from standard liners. So in a nutshell, it is simply an invisible liner.

Be sure to define you Cupid’s bow

The Cupid’s bow is that endearing little peak found middle of your top lip. Since many of us are not fortunate enough to have a naturally defined cupid’s bow, it is necessary to create definition in that area when lining lip. Failing to do so and drawing a line straight across the top of the natural lip line will leave the upper lip in a deformed state. It is necessary to create a slight v-shape in the middle of the upper lip.

Now, off you go! Create those undeniably kissable lips and pucker up.





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