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So You Want To Be A Model ?

Posted by katbraxton on May 17, 2014 at 5:10 PM

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Whether clicking through television channels, flipping through the pages of magazines, or scrolling through social media news feeds, we are met with images of stunningly gorgeous models that are paid top dollar to be beautiful. They live lives of fame, glamour, and fortune. The thought of having this fantasy lifestyle is quite intriguing to most, and many young men and women the world over dream of a career as a  model. It is for this reason that model coaching is a service that is quickly becoming big business. However, consumers should know that while most modeling schools are willing to except anyone who is willing to pay, less than half of all students enrolled in modeling schools actually have the potential to book work in the field.

As a noted modeling coach, who has worked for popular franchised modeling schools, I have seen many people fall victim to the romanticized view of the modeling industry. Now that I am an independent modeling coach fronting my own company, I am at liberty to be brutally honest with all potential clients. The fact of the matter is that not everyone is model material. Therefore you must be critical in your self-evaluation in order to determine if it is truly worth the time, money, sweat and tears that must be invested when trying to build a successful modeling career.

So, you’re dreaming of a career as a professional model…well, I ask that you pause to consider these questions first!

• Do you reside in a market where opportunities are plentiful? If not, are you willing to relocate and do you have the resources needed to do so? Living in Small-town, USA and trying to breathe life into a career in modeling is a battle that you will surely lose.

• Do you have the look? Is your skin healthy and clear? Is your hair healthy and well cared for? Are your teeth straight? If not are your facial features striking enough to distract attention from minor flaws. Is your body free of noticeable scars or tattoos?

• Are you height and weight portioned? If so, what height and weight range do you fall into? This will determine what genre of modeling you will fit into. Keep in mind that not everyone is suited for fashion modeling.

• Are you willing to conform to the sometimes strenuous diet and exercise regimens that are imposed upon mdoels in effort  to maintain a certain physique?

• Do you have the necessary stamina? The schedules of models can sometimes be non-stop resulting in exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Do you have the ability to remain on you’re "A-Game" even though you may have to go 2-3 days without a full night’s sleep.

• In the event that you are unable to secure an agent or manager, do you possess the drive; ambition, resources and knowledge that is needed to brand, promote, and secure bookings as a freelance model?

• Can you except critique and rejection? This is not an industry that is big on hand holding and sensitivity. Casting directors are often impersonal and have no-nonsense attitudes. They have no problem with pointing out your flaws and tossing your photo in the rejection pile right in front of your face. You must be completely confident in yourself and your abilities, and you must have skin as thick as a crocodile’s.


Of course my goal is never to shatter anyone’s dreams. However, before you dive in head first I urge you to consider the potential outcome with a realistic and objective perspective. The modeling industry IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY, regardless to how many likes you get on Instagram and FaceBook!


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